As Customer & User Experience Professional ’Human First: CUX-Centered Design’ is my development philosophy and holistic approach for the customer/user-centered development of interactive systems and applications. Only if the needs of the customers/users, their experiences, and the application context are properly considered, intuitive and successful interactions between customers/users and systems/applications can be built. This new way of thinking and acting places the customers/users of interactive systems at the center of all design, development and strategic decisions.

A good CX and UX management needs strong knowledge and experience at every level for a successful integration in the business and development processes. Therefore, I offer trainings for these topics in which ideally representatives of all departments participate. I am also pleased to support you with the integration and/or implementation in first projects.

Christiane Moser

DI Dr. Christiane Moser
Customer & User Experience Professional

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My Philosophy

Human First
CUX-centered Design

The focus of ‘Human First’ is, as its philosophy Customer & User Experience (CUX)-Centered Design implies, the customers/users and their experiences. This new way of thinking and acting places the customers/users of interactive systems at the center of all development and strategic decisions.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience addresses all your customer's experiences, e.g., while interacting with your company, your process and offers with regards to the perceived quality. A good Customer Relationship is nowadays a must-have and an essential part of good CX Management. Therefore, it is important to properly consider, plan and execute the CX Journey of your customers.

User Experience

User Experience addresses all your users experiences, e.g., while interacting with your products with regards to the perceived quality. A good Usability of your product is nowadays not sufficient anymore, i.e. the sensory experience of the product (i.e., the UX) and everything around it (i.e., the CX).

My Services


As an exteral expert I would like to work with you in the development process of your interactive systems and applications. I support you with the selection and application of the right method for your concrete problem or question. Togehter with you I develop an individual method mix dedicated to your needs. It is my objective and intention that all project decision focus on the users requirements, needs and ablilities.



I can help you understand and get experienced with Customer und User Experience basics. In my method trainigs you get to know and apply a selection of methods from my portfolio, which fit your development process.



I can talk at all kinds of events and conferenes about Customer and User Experience Design, my development philosphy Human First or the ROI for your company.

My Method Portfolio



research & understand

The goal is to 1) identify the people who will use the product (i.e., the users), 2) what they will use it for (i.e., the tasks), and 3) under what conditions they will use it (i.e., the context).



empathize & ideate

The goal is to define 1) the goal & problem statement, 2) the users (i.e., personas), 3) user flows, and 4) the minimum viable product (MVP), as well as derive requirements.



style & define

The goal is to define 1) task flows, 2) wireframes, 3) design language, and 4) mockups.



try & change

The goal is 1) to create testable prototypes and 2) to finalize the design language and mockups.



make & share

The goal is to define 1) best practices, 2) heuristics, and 3) to document development decisions.



tetest & finalize

The goal is to enable 1) early user feedback and 2) an iterative product development which saves time and money.