Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Christiane Moser

I was born in Salzburg on 5 June 1983 and have a deep connection with this city. I went to school in Salzburg, studied here, and then worked successfully in research for 10 years. In February 2018, I took the big step into self-employment (freelancing) and founded my own company CUXpro. As a Customer & User Experience Professional, I work with SMEs in Europe on (re)designing digital products.

I was already fascinated by the topic of human-computer interaction during my applied computer science studies. After my studies, I was able to apply and deepen my knowledge in research at the Center for Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Salzburg for 10 years.

My passion has always been to create user-friendly digital systems together with developers and users. Therefore, I have focused my research on user research, especially on requirements analysis, co-design and evaluation.

My Journey to CUXpro


Foundation of my Company (2018)

  • I founded my company to pass on my many years of knowledge to SMEs through consultancy and training.
  • Since then I have also been involved as UX mentor and teacher.

    User Research

at the Center for HCI of the University of Salzburg (2008-2017)

  • During this time I have worked intensively on the topic of UX through user research (in basic and industry projects).
  • My research is internationally recognised with an h-index of 15.
  • In my dissertation I worked out a new development approach "CCGD: Child-Centered Game Development"..

    Applied Computer Science Studies

Focus Human-Computer Interaction (2002-2008)

  • Programming at university was exciting but I was more fascinated by the focus on HCI at the University of Salzburg.
  • In my master thesis I developed a "Web 2.0 Interaction Paradigm".
  • In my bachelor thesis I researched "Tangible Computer Interaction".

    Commercial High School

Focus Business Informatics (1997 - 2008)

  • Already in my school days I was fascinated by computers and the interaction with them.
  • Here I gained my first programming skills and an interest in interacting with computer technologies was awakened.
  • In my high school thesis, we created a learning software called "Learning English Grammar Bit-by-Bit"

My Work Experiences

  UX Researcher, UX Designer, UX Writer,

UX Engineer, UX Strategist, etc.

03/2018 - now

at CUXpro

  • 9 industry projects (3 months to 2 years)   
  • In all projects I was able to successfully apply my agile development approach CUX-centered Design.

  UX Design Lector & Mentor

04/2022 - 01/2024

at Talent Garden

  • In a 3-month UX Design Bootcamp I teach the modules UX Basics, UX Managment and UX Portfolio.
  • In Mentoing Sessions I support the participants with their Personal Project or during their work on the Portfolios.

    UX Research & Design Mentor

03/2021 - now

at ADPList

  • In 30-minute calls, I do portfolio reviews, answer questions or help with problems.
  • This is one of my contributions to the UX community, sharing my knowledge for free.

    UX Design Mentor

10/2018 - now

at CareerFoundry

  • In weekly calls, I accompany my mentees through their 4 month UX portfolio project.
  • After completing one phase in their UX design process, I review the progress and provide feedback.

    Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

08/2015 - 09/2017

at the Center for HCI, University of Salzburg, I have worked on the following projects

  • GeTVivid (07/2013 - 06/2016)
    Tasks: grant application, project management, user research
  • ActiBrains (01/2015 - 12/2016)
    Tasks: grant application, user research

    Research Fellow

02/2008 - 07/2015

at the Center for HCI, University of Salzburg, I have worked on the following projects

  • GeTVivid (07/2013 - 06/2016)
    Tasks: grant application, project management, user research
  • ActiBrains (01/2015 - 12/2016)
    Tasks: grant application, user research
  • AIR - Advanced Interface Research (07/2010 - 06/2013)
    Tasks: project management, user research
  • Customer Experience Innovation Lab (06/2010 - 10/2010)
    Tasks: user research
  • Games4School (00/2010 - 03/2012)
    Tasks: grant application, project management, user research
  • Task efficiency study with Blackberry (01/2010 - 06/2010)
    Tasks: user research
  • CITIZEN MEDIA (02/2008 - 05/2009)
    Tasks: user research

Quick Facts











My Teaching Experiences

  FH Oberösterreich:

Computer Science, Communication & Media

03/2023 - now

Basics in UX Psychology

  Talent Garden:

UX Design Bootcamp Vienna

04/2022 - 01/2024

Modul 1: UX Basics

Modul 8: UX Management

UX Proftolio Workshop 

   HTBLuVA Salzburg:

Graphics & Media Department

09/2021 - now

Practical UX project support in the 4th and 5th grade.

   Applied University of Salzburg:

Information Technology & Systems Management Study

10/2015 - now

UX Portfolio; UX basics lecture; supervision of 1 bachelor thesis

   University of Salzburg:

Applied Computer Science Study

10/2011 - now

User-centered Design; HCI Lectures and Seminars; Supervision of 1 Master Thesis and 3 Bachelor Theses

   Applied University of Salzburg:

Multimedia Technology Study

10/2010 - 10/2015

HCI Basic Lecture and Proseminar; Supervision of 3 Master Theses and 5 Bachelor Theses


08/2009 - now

UX and HCI Basic Moduls

My Education

  PHD Applied Computer Science

at University of Salzburg

2010 - 2015

Focus: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
PHD Thesis: CCGD - Child-Centered Game Development

  Master Applied Computer Science 

at University of Salzburg

2005 - 2007

Focus: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
Master Thesis:Web 2.0 Interaktion Paradigm

   Bachelor Applied Computer Science

at University of Salzburg

2002 - 2005

Focus: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
Bachelor Thesis: Tangible Computer Interaction

   Commercial High School II Salzburg

1997 - 2002

Focus: Business Informatics
High School Thesis: Learning English Grammar Bit-by-Bit